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    At Rebuilt Engines Houston, our goal is to provide you with a rebuilt auto engine that is powerful and reliable, performing to your expectations. We provide high-quality rebuilds and repairs for engines damaged in accidents, collisions, or other disasters. We have been providing expert service for over 27 years. You can trust our repairs because our workmanship comes with a warranty, which means you can expect your vehicle’s rebuilt engine to run smoothly for a long time to come.

    Houston Remanufactured Engines for Affordable Prices

    One of the benefits of coming to us for an engine rebuild is the affordability. Rebuilding or remanufacturing an engine typically costs only a fraction of what you would pay for a new vehicle. Our skilled mechanics specialize in a variety of engine services:

    • Rebuilt engines
    • Remanufactured engines
    • American and foreign engines
    • Gas or diesel engines
    • Automatic and manual transmissions
    • Custom engines for classic cars
    • Engine parts
    • And much more

    Does Your Engine Need a Rebuild?

    It can be difficult to know whether you need to rebuild your engine or simply replace it. Replacements can be expensive. Rebuilt Engines Houstonspecializes in finding ways to save you money. We will do everything we can to repair your engine before replacing it. We conduct a thorough inspection, diagnose the engine’s troubles, and find the appropriate way to repair it. Come to us if your engine has these problems:

    • Smoking or overheating
    • Bad injectors
    • Post-collision damage

    We have learned that about 50% of the time, we can repair these types of engine problems without requiring a replacement engine. Sometimes it is more practical and efficient to get an engine replacement, and we will always be up-front with you about what your vehicle needs.

    How We Repair and Rebuild Your Engine

    Are you curious about how we can make your engine work like new again? First, we have to remove the old motor and all its components. We inspect the parts and tell you about any damage we find. We provide rebuilt engines in Houston that will fit the specifications of your car or truck. Our technicians do professional installation and testing of the new motor to ensure it passes ASE Certified inspection and is ready for you to use. Contact us for help with your engine today.

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